Ways to distinguish yourself #133 – Find the intersection of your passion and "current world needs"

When you do what you are extremely passionate about, you don’t feel like it is “work.” When I am getting ready for a trip, people ask me “Is this for business or pleasure?” and that totally confuses me. I can answer something and escape from the question but the fact that the question was posed makes me think that both these items “business” and “pleasure” can’t exist together. We all know that that is not true. In fact, this question won’t arise if you are passionate about what you do.

The price that someone will pay for what you do will typically depend on the “current needs” at that point in time and the availability of skilled people to meet those “current needs.” If what you do is not taking care of any “current needs” you might as well not expect a premium for what you do. However, if you just focus on taking care of the “current needs” even when you are not passionate about what is required to take care of them, you will generally feel tired at the end of that exercise.

The solution: Constantly be on the lookout of the intersection point where your passion and the current world needs. When you find it, latch on to it as if your life depends on it. The trick though is to remember that there is not “lifetime contract” associated with this. Both parameters might change. You may say that your passions won’t change. Well, even if it is true, the “current world needs” obviously change – forcing you to lookout for another intersection point. As long as you are willing and ready to make the change when required, you will have fun doing whatever you will do. The bonus is that since you don’t feel like this is “work” you are not stressed out and people around you will thank you for that.

Have a great weekend.

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