Open Source and blogging; We can change the game

I am involved in Open Source through CIGNEX and have been blogging here for the last one year. I see some similarities in the two worlds.

Blogging has become like open source software. There are hundreds and thousands of blogs out there but only a small percentage
of them are quality blogs.

We can change that. Let me give some background and a possible solution.

I am fortunate and I thank GOD for providing me opportunities to meet and interact with VERY smart people almost daily.

Rather than asking for their web address, I end up asking for their blog address. Some have blogs but not all of them. I want to focus on the ones that don’t have the blogs. Some people have really valid reasons for not having a blog and I respect that.

The common reasons that I hear are:

a) no time
b) want to start – sometime in the near future
c) don’t see it as very important
d) see this as a “show off” and not interested in a “show off”

Here is my point. The blog is not always FOR you. It is for your READERS. You are smart and I am sure people close to you are reaping benefits of your smartness. Through a blog, you can change that and extend the reach and SERVE more people. Recently Guy Kawasaki started his blog – Let the good times roll. For me, it is not a blog, it is higher education. Many people wonder why Guy didn’t start his blog earlier.

The smart people of the world can unite and change the blogosphere by creating and maintaining quality blogs with the highest ROII.