How can you distinguish yourself if you are just a roadside fast food joint?

Greetings from Bangalore, India.

I have been talking about ways to distinguish yourself if you are an IT professional. After the publication of my book “Beyond Code” and after talking to so many people outside the IT world who read the book, it is clear to me that irrespective of what your field is, there is a need to distinguish yourself.

This afternoon, Naveen took me to a fast food place for a quick lunch. First, the food was just great. Second, what I saw in that roadside fast food joint was very interesting. The name of the place was “Rural Food Station” (in Kannada language “Halli Thindi”) and on the menu was all the items that are famous in the villages of Karnataka. The place was packed.

With the hectic pace of life in Bangalore, I think it is almost impossible for people to prepare these kinds of items at home.

However, since a large part of the population was originally from the rural parts of the state, people know about these items and are still interested in eating them. “Rural Food Station” helps in taking care of this need. There are probably tens of thousands of food junctions in Bangalore and most of them serve the same kind of food. This small joint decided to distinguish and stand out from the crowd.

The payback as I could see was looking great.