Working on the "signal to noise" ratio

I recently wrote
about a report from Blog Herald that there are now 100 million blogs in
the world. How long would it take to start a newspaper? May be a few
months? How long would it take to start a blog? Less than a few

With the information explosion continuing to haunt us, there is a
serious need to enhance the “signal to noise” ratio. One such attempt
is the “Carnival of Agilists”, a sort of a weekly newsletter for
technology professionals with links to interesting content.

I came across this initiative when the recent issue of “Carnival of Agilists” included a link to my article “Leading smart IT professionals

Thanks to the fine folks there.

PS: As you guessed rightly, I am biased about this initiative. Hey, they added a link to my article. I have to be biased 🙂