Ways to distingish yourself – #55 Commoditize your work at regular intervals

For those of you who are following the series
you know that distinguishing yourself is not a destination but a
journey. It’s a life long journey that you need to commit to. This
means that once you achieve distinction in something very soon there
will be many people who will catch up with you and your distinction is
no longer “special”.

If this is true, you can decide to change the rules of the game. Every
now and then you can commodotize your work and give away your “tricks
of the trade” for free to the rest of the world. What is the immediate
effect of this? You immediately set the bar higher for yourself and everyone. Whatever knowledge you have or whatever tools you used to become special is now open for public consumption. The extra mile is now part of the standard package. You and everyone else have to find another “extra mile” to become special.

Want evidence? Watch some of the key thought leaders (example Tom Peters, Seth Godin, Marshall Goldsmith etc.) giving away stuff at an amazing rate.

Don’t hold on to your idea as if it’s the last one on your mind. Start giving it away and make room for new ones in your mind 🙂