Ways to distingish yourself – #49 WAG

WAG is an acronym I coined and it stands for “Watch your Attention-Getters”

People draw attention for several things. The easiest (but not
desirable) ways to get attention is by complaining and/or whining.

When was the last time you liked someone who was a complainer and/or a whiner? I bet your answer is “Never”

Typically when people complain they transfer the responsibility of
solving the problem to someone else. It’s almost like everything is
right with them and something else needs to be fixed to make the world
better. I am not saying that you should NEVER complain but if that is
the only reason why you will draw attention from people around you
(friends, colleagues etc.) then there is a serious problem. So, what
are the other things that we can do to get attention?

We all know that if we just do our job, it’s hard to get attention just
because everyone else around us are also doing their job. Naturally, if
there some people out there going beyond the call of duty, they draw
attention. However that attention is short-lived because the tendency
is to think that this “walking the extra mile” was more of an
exception. The game changes significantly when you consistently start
exceeding the expectations of people around you. That is when you have
“distinguished yourself” or become “special”

The attention you get when you stand out of the crowd is the kind of attention that you should seek.