Ways to distingish yourself – #48 Handle criticism with grace

Most people can’t handle criticism well. In fact, if you criticize
someone on a topic, some of the most common reactions from that person
will be:

* to defend strongly and say that you are wrong in criticizing them

* to attack you for one of your related or unrelated fault

* to ignore and not bother

* to question your authority and qualification to criticize

If this happens consistently, one effect of this is may be that you
won’t criticize the person again.  What might very well happen is
that you might
marginalize the person. In other words, you may write off the person
from your life as one of the “not so important” things in life.

The same rule applies to you when someone criticizes you. While it’s
easy to say “handle criticism with grace” it’s hard to follow. Next
time when someone criticizes you for something, try focusing on the
message rather than the messenger. It may change the way you look at things.