Ways to distingish yourself – #40 Learn to estimate well

Whether you are an IT professional or not, you are always working on
one or more projects. Most often you are handed projects from your
managers and in addition you have your own personal projects.

One common question before you start any project is “How long does it take complete the project?”

Seems like a simple question but without the right estimation skills,
you might give an answer that can hurt you rather than helping you. If
your estimation off on the higher side, your competence will be in
question. On the other hand, if your estimation is off on the lower
side, you will have to work extra hours leading to several issues
starting with increase in stress and work/life (im)balance.

Estimation is an art but it can be learned. Providing estimates with
limited estimation skills can be a bad thing both for you and for the
projects that you are involved with.

I am confident –  whatever your profession, there is literature
related to estimation for your profession. It’s worth investing some of
your time on acquiring this skill.