Boeing demonstrating agility via Connexion

Every company is different when it comes to agility. There is a
viewpoint that as the company grows, companies become less agile. There
are bigger companies, though, that demonstrate agility.

I am here at the Blog Business Summit and Beoing, one of the sponsors of the conference are pitching their service – Connexion by Boeing.
Connexion by Boeing is a business unit of The Boeing Company that
provides real-time high-speed Internet and entertainment services to
airline passengers in flight.

What an amazing service offering by a company whose core business is to build planes. Hats off to Boeing.

The other company that I am fascinated (when it comes to agility) is
Starting off as an Online book store (Remember the tagline – earth’s
biggest bookstore), Amazon has morphed into so many things and become
an Internet power house. Here are some things that I could think of:
* Morphed into an online superstore with a ton of items (books are one category now)
* Sold ecommerce infrastructure to Target, Borders etc.
* Launched Search Engine A9
* Launched Amazon Stores – allowing other folks to setup stores using the Amazon infrastructure

and a lot more. For me, Amazon is an example of what could be done in online commerce.

In summary: Agility is important and
it’s important no matter how big or small your company is. It may be
easier for smaller companies to be agile but it’s not impossible for
larger companies to be agile.