Where is the logic? – Asks JB

Indefinite Articles has a post titled “The power of myth” where there is a critic on one of the quotes that I posted recently by David Thomas

“We have the strongest opinions on things that we have the least knowledge of.”

The analysis on the quote was beautiful. Thanks for that and I think I
have to take responsibility of not setting the context right. In order
to do justice to David Thomas, here is more explanation on the quote.

Imagine there are ten areas that matter to you. You are an expert in
eight of them and you have basic knowledge on the other two. David’s
point was that we will have strong opinions on the two subject areas
(amongst the ten) where we have only basic knowledge.

This is debatable, I agree – but it is definitely food for thought. Makes us think. I want to thank JB at Indefinite Articles for the critical analysis.