When you start looking out for a new job..

There is a common theme whenever I talk to people who are planning to
quit their jobs. They say they have reached a “glass ceiling” and there
is nothing that they can do in their current jobs. Some common
complaints that I have heard:
* the job does not provide growth opportunities
* the environment is not good
* there is no support for my ideas
* there is no growth path
* I don’t enjoy my job anymore
* my boss can’t understand me.

Once you made up your mind that nothing is possible in the current job,
interestingly many possibilities that may have been existing will close
out on you. In fact, since mind will start looking for evidence to
support your “claim” you will also start noticing more things that are
not right in the current job.

My message is simple: If there is a problem in the current job, that
may also be an opportunity for you to shine. It all depends on what is
your view on such things. The moment you notice a problem, you can feel
miserable or you can say “Aha.. here is an opportunity or a leadership
moment that might help me reach the next level” and look for