Zero emission Buses (ZEB) from VTA; Wanted: More Innovation

While driving to work today, I saw a Zero Emission Bus (ZEB) by VTA
(valley transportation authority) here in Silicon Valley. The bus was
completely powered by fuel cells. It was a delight to see fuel cells in
action (one the road).

May be I had missed the announcement or busy with work but I looked
around and found that VTA had made an announcement related to this a
few weeks ago.

Hats off to VTA for taking steps to save the earth (in a small way)

I remembered reading about such innovations way back in a book titled Unlimited Wealth
by Paul Zane Pilzer. Pilzer’s alchemy theory rests on the premise that
we have unlimited resources but lack the technology innovation to take
advantage of them. With so much of noise about oil prices, may be the
answer is not worrying about the increase in oil production but
increase in innovation to avoid over-reliance on oil. Once the demand
drops, the price drops automatically. Maybe I am over-simplifying this
but read the book and may be there is something there.