Operation Hero Miles – Hats off to AA!

AA just unveiled a program called Operation Hero Miles where people can donate American Advantage miles and AA will pool them and donate to those that are serving in the war.

AA’s goal is to get at least 17,760,000
AAdvantage® miles to Operation Hero Miles. With the matching program in
place all it requires is 17,760 AAdvantage members donating the minimum
number of miles (500) to this program. I hope this will be an easy goal
to reach.

The website says:

American will guarantee donation of at least
17,760,000 AAdvantage® miles to Operation Hero Miles, which supports
hospitalized service members and their loved ones who have sacrificed
to ensure United States freedom and independence. American will match
its AAdvantage member donations mile-for-mile until the goal is reached

What a noble cause. Look at all those miles which may never be used in the near future. Donate them to a great cause.

I am doing my bit tomorrow. The only drawback of the program is that
you need to download a form, fill it up and fax it. May be it’s a legal
requirement else an online donation would have gotten a higher response.

Happy 4th of July to all of you!