Gmail – You have more help than you require

Life works in interesting ways. If you put your heart out and do the
best you can, you get a lot more help from outside than you really
want. If you slack and HOPE that things will turn out well, you are all

Take Gmail from google. When Google
introduced Gmail, there were no other web based email offerings that
could match the offer from Gmail. It was head and shoulders above the
rest of the crowd. The interesting part is this – a slew of tools and
plugins were developed by people not even employed by Google to make it
even better.

I was looking at an old post by Rob titled Gmail Tools and Plugins. There were at least 25 tools and plugins listed there almost a year ago. There must be a lot more now.

Do your best. Be at your best. Help will follow. May be you will have more help than you really want.