Working from airport

I think there should be an option to work from airport.
We have working from office, working from home why not working from
airport. I am sitting here at the San Jose airport trying to get a
flight to go to Seattle. I have been here for the last few hours. With
a broadband connection and cell phone I have most of the tools to get
my work done.

By the way – I am here courtesy of American Airlines. AA has a code share arrangement with Alaska Airlines
(also AA?) and they tell me that they are doing a pressurization test
and they are doing it for the third time. I asked the beautiful girl at
the counter how many times do they have to do the test and she said “I
don’t have a clue. This is what I have been asked to let you know” So
there is no way of knowing whether we will leave in a few minutes or a
few hours. Can’t blame the airlines. They are under so much pressure
that it’s impossible to effectively fund functions like “customer

On a lighter note, the other alternative is to fund projects like
setting up full fledged offices in airports. That way people have an
option of “working from airport” and be productive.