Leveraging the value chain – part II

I was intrigued about the offer from Fedex “File, Print Fedex Kinkos” and decided to give it a try.

First, it installed the .Net framework on my PC (which I was not happy
but anyways) and then added teh FilePrint icon on office applications.

I wanted to print a PDF file in a Fedex facility in Boston. Unfortunately there was no PDF support 🙁

Fedex must have spent a few hundred thousand dollars to build the
software and come up with the offer. They must have spent another few
hundred thousands marketing this effort.
Unfortunately I must say that they missed a big point not providing PDF support.

This is  the problem with many offers. They seem compelling but they are not.

The greatness of an idea cannot be compensated by a flaw in execution. Hopefully Fedex will fix it soon.