Tom complains about Starbucks lines – A solution

Tom talks about his “line intolerance
at starbucks. I have thought about this problem at least ten times.
There are long lines especially during peak hours (morning, post lunch
and early evening) and interestingly while Starbucks has been
innovative a number of times, they don’t seem to do anything about
this. May be Starbucks thinks that lines will signify popularity. They
may not know that these lines are making people go and try out other
places and some of these folks will probably get addicted to some other

What could Starbucks do – Here is one solution

In a nutshell, the solution is to create a pre-order capability for all Starbucks Duetto card holders

Here is the solution in detail: Most lines at Starbucks are from
regular clients who come in and order almost the same drinks every time
they come in. Since they are using Duetto card, customer can be
identified. Here are the steps:

1. Client purchases a Duetto card and registers for pre-order facility at Starbucks website

2. Pre-order registration will ask the client to choose three favorite
drinks (with all the customizations) These are the preferred drinks

3. Client also chooses three of his favorite starbucks stores

4. When the client wants coffee, he can order by phone or on the web

4.1 On the web: Login – choose store – choose drink and choose time and pay by credit card

4.2 On the phone: Call in a central phone number. System prompts to
choose the store and the drink from the favorites. Client chooses store
and drink and keys in the time he wants to pick up the drink. Card is
automatically charged.

5. The store gets notified and a sticker with name of the client gets printed with the time of pick up

6. Starbucks team folks schedule this drink prepartion

7. Client walks in and picks up the drink. If you want to add some more
features, have the client swipe the starbucks card and identify himself
before picking up the drink.

Hope starbucks is listening!

Two benefits:
a. Duetto card holders get additional benefits. More Duetto customers
b. You get the preferences of all these duetto customers for analysis purposes later.