Ways to distinguish yourself – #20 Lead a volunteer effort

All of us know that leadership is more than holding a title or a
position. However, it is difficult for many people to start an
initiative without positional power. Undertaking a lead role in a
volunteer effort will solve that problem. Leading a volunteer can be
hard work but the rewards are great.

If you are leading a team of volunteers you know that:
a) almost all the team members are in this for a cause and not for the money.
b) each team member has an option to quit at any time.
c) each team member is already walking the extra mile
d) each team member has other choices to volunteer their time

In other words, it takes a lot of effort to lead and succeed in a volunteer effort. What it will make of you is priceless.

Succeeding in leading a volunteer effort will provide several benefits:
a) you will spend time for a great cause
b) very few people lead a volunteer effort so you are in a minority (distinguished yourself)
c) great networking beyond your professional circles
d) short cut to developing your leadership skills

Good luck!