Compelling Offer #01 – 0th Night free?

Close to my home there is a huge sign making an offer to stay at Vagabond Inn “Try us first – 0th Night Free”

There are two issues with this.

First: The sign is so huge that the mistake is glaring. Everyone knows
that what they mean is 10th night free but you don’t want to announce
to the world that you don’t care about fixing such problems.

Second: This one is about the offer that they are making. Even if they
meant that the 10th night is free, it is far from a compelling offer.
All they are saying is that if you stay for 10 days, you may get upto
10% discount on your stay. Remember, that if you stay for 19 days, the
discount may be as low as 5%.

What they have is a prime space that thousands of people watch almost
everyday and I think the offer needs to be more compelling.

How about the offers you are making in your business and in your profession?