Ways to distinguish yourself – #7 Celebrate small victories

Most of us need a big victory to celebrate but a very small failure to
get upset. In other words we need really strong reasons to celebrate
but to get upset we don’t need a lot of justification.
In fact,
sometimes we can get upset for no reason 🙂

We are smart people. We know that
a) Failure is the stepping stone of success
b) It’s NOT not falling down but standing up every time we fall down that matters and
c) A bend in the road is not the end of the road
and all those cool things. This should all make it easy for us to
handle small failures. Apparently not! We have trouble facing failures.
On the other hand, when we have small victories, we don’t have time to
celebrate them. We postpone celebrating small victories as most people
around us don’t celebrate such events. The benchmarks set by the
society (in general) for celebrations is very high. We want to be
“normal” –  so we follow the crowd.

Nobody is surprised when a small failure causes a major upset but
everyone will raise their eyebrows if a small victory is celebrated in a
big way. Both are extremes but each one gets a different treatment.

Happy people do things the other way around. It’s fun to be around
people who celebrate small victories. They are full of life and they
bring life to people around them.

When was the last time you celebrated a small victory? May be it’s time for a small celebration for a small victory…

All the best!