Ways to distinguish yourself – #6 Ask for help

I was thinking of a title like “Leverage” for this post but decided to be more direct and hence the title “Ask for help.”

Most of us know that in some cultures, asking for help has a negative
connotation (may show a sense of incapability) Most of us don’t ask for
help and beat ourselves to death trying to figure out everything by
ourselves. It is not required. Life can be simpler than that. In fact,
I feel that there is more help than you may need out there. The
pre-requisite, though, is that you should be ready to give when it is your time. It is a two-way street.

There are so many people that are out there who have the right
knowledge and resources that might solve your problems or open up new
opportunities for you. That’s why they say that it’s not what you know but who you know that matters.

Whenever I teach, I always start by saying that since I have not learnt
mind reading, it is upto the students to talk and ask for help.

The same is true in business and in life. You have to ask and only then you shall receive. Please make it a point to ask for help with someone this week. Watch the miracles unfold!!

Bonus: You might get a side benefit from asking – humility (which I think is a great virtue to have)