A few thoughts on personal branding

Brands provide powerful shortcuts. When you need something and you
don’t have the time to research, your gut says to go with a powerful
brand. People are no different. Powerful personal brands provide an
unfair advantage.

If you are an IT professional and don’t have any time at all (you are
extremely busy with your projects), you precisely should get some time
out to build your personal brand. In fact, if you are so busy to even
think about it, I think it is fair to assume that you must be doing
something worthwhile in this busy time.

We have to think through “who we are” and “what are our strengths” and
“what should we be known for”. Everyone can create a personal brand.
However, there is a need to get out of the entitlement mentality that
if we do good work, brands get automatically created. We have to work
for it. It’s hard work and it takes a long time but the rewards are
great too..