Do you love your job?

I have been asking this question to hundreds of people over the last
few years and the response usually is either “Not really” or “Yes,
but..” Interestingly, only a small portion of non-entrepreneurs respond
with an “Yes!” answer.

My concept is that loving your job is a decision that you make and once
you make that decision, you will start looking for evidence to support
that decision. Whatever be the decision you make (a) to love your job
or (b) not to love your job, one thing is guaranteed that you will find
enough evidence to support that decision.

I think we should consciously decide to love our jobs and start looking
for evidence on why we should have that attitude. If four or five
people meet and participate in an “I love my job because..” exercise,
where each one has to come up with at least three reasons for loving
their job, you will notice that instantly all the five of them will get
at least one more (other than their three) reason to love their job.

Work will not seem like work if you love it..