A little more, a little less…

How do you make progress?

There is no one good answer for this.

Here is an approach to consider during this time when many of you are crafting and refining your new year resolutions.

At the heart of the approach, there are only two things to keep in mind.

1. A little more

2. A little less

Let’s dig a bit more:

1. A little more

Being smart, you are obviously already doing those things that will:
a) Create value in the marketplace and
b) Increase your capacity to do (a)

A little more of that on a consistent basis will give you a big boost.

2. A little less

This is easy. While you are on your mission, you also indulge in various activities that are coming in the way of that mission. A little less of those will free up your time, energy and mindshare to do a little more of what we covered in the first section.

It IS that simple in theory.

Executing the above requires enormous commitment.

Wish you the very best!