When you have a TRULY powerful personal brand…

When you have a truly powerful personal brand, the cost of getting things done becomes very low.


Because a lot of people voluntarily want to support you and your causes, initiatives and projects.

There is another big advantage.

You can just be yourself.

No masks.

No pretense.

Just YOU!

Here is a less than 90-second Q&A with one superstar Salman Khan about another superstar Rajanikanth.

At 00:40, Salman Khan shares why Rajanikanth is the real hero

Rajanigaru is a hero off-screen for the stuff that he does, for the kind of man who he is. I mean you see him in a film where he is looking good and hair and you see him in real life – walks around just like a normal man.

See, you have to have a lot of courage, lot of guts to do something like that. And you can only do that when you have the love and support of the family and millions and billions of fans you have – they don’t give a damn. They know this is THE man. You see the soul of a person.

That is the hero.

What we cannot do, he can do it.

I rest my case.

Bonus: If you have 2 more minutes to  watch how humble Rajanikanth is and also how comfortable being himself, watch this 2-minute clip ( part of it is in Hindi, but you will get the context )