Every email is an investment pitch

When you make a presentation to secure an investment, you put a lot of thought into what you say, how you will say it and when you will say it.

There are many reasons for this.

That investor is being pitched by many people like you.

That investor has to pick you and your project amongst the available options for him or her.

In addition, that investor can decide not to invest at all.

There is no compulsion to act.

You need the money.

That investor can choose to do something or not act at all.

If you make a solid case, tell a great story and have a brand to back it up, you increases the chances of getting that investment for your project.

There are no guarantees.

With that in the background,think about the next email you are sending to someone important.

Think about the parallels to the above scenario.

What you are making a case is for investment of the mindshare of the recipient of your email.

For anybody reasonably successful, mindshare is at a serious short supply. He or she has to make a decision quickly on how much of their mindshare they have to invest in reading and acting on your email.

Want to increase your chances of winning that mindshare?

You have to work hard to make it worth their while. Plus, YOU have to be that someone they view as a positive possibility in their grand scheme of things.

Photo Courtesy: AJC on Flickr