Three Reasons Letting Go is Not Easy

Let Go!

This advice falls into the popular category – “easy to understand, (very) hard to implement.

The fact is: you DO want to let go of some things, but you feel totally helpless.

Can you relate to that feeling?

If yes, here are three things to reflect upon.

1. Second Nature

If you are not conscious about some things, they tend to become your second nature. Once that happens, they disappear from plain sight as they are part of you. If you reflect back in history about what you hold on to and what you let go, you might get a clue as to whether this is the problem that is making you NOT let go.

2. Avoiding Void

You and I know that mind avoids void. If you truly let go of something, it creates a void. Unless you have something else to replace it with, like a bouncing ball, you get back what you attempted to let go in a matter of seconds.

3. Potential “Private Payoff”

Why are you not letting go?


Although you may be admitting publicly that you WANT to let go, there might be a “private payoff” that comes with holding on. An example of such a “private payoff” is an excuse to postpone action on other important things in life.

There are probably a dozen other reasons for your specific case that is NOT allowing you to let go of things you WANT to let go.

Once you become aware and acknowledge those reasons, you will notice that those reasons will start losing power on you. That is the first step towards really letting go.

Photo Courtesy: Letting go by Allison.Johnston