Not Too Busy to Say Thank You

Note: I wrote an article for Huffington Post titled – “Too Busy to Say Thank You” and you might want to read that before you read this article.

I have been a long time fan of Sally Hogshead (@sallyhoghead on Twitter). She recently posted a short and touching story on Facebook.

The photo and the story are below:


“30 years ago, a man fell out of a tree stand and broke his back. He was paralyzed. My Dad, an orthopedic surgeon, set the fracture. The man made a 100% recovery. Every year, he sends our family a box of pecans. This is the 30th year.”

The story is short and it can get lost in the social media jungle. It’s an important story with a brilliant lesson in it. So I asked Sally’s permission to re-tell the story and the lesson on my blog.

Think about it. Sally’s Dad – Dr Howard Hogshead gave the person a life changing gift and almost a new life. How long should the person be grateful to Dr. Hogshead? Simple – throughout his lifetime. That is exactly what he is showcasing via the thoughtful gifts that he is sending every single year. I am sure it would have brought smiles at the Hogshead household.

Think about your own life. It may not be as dramatic as the story highlighted above but you can surely think of dozens of people who have given you life-changing gifts, gifts that have changed the trajectory of your life in ways that you had not imagined before. The question to reflect upon is – “Are you showing those kind souls a lifetime of gratefulness?”

The key takeaway to remember on this Thanksgiving day and every day thereafter:

Life changing gifts deserve a lifetime of gratefulness | Tweet This