Sergey Brin on Google Glass – Making a case (or not)

Let me first make a case for not cutting your hand by a knife? You should just prick your hand with a needle. It is less painful and you will probably bleed less.

Does the above make sense?

Probably not.

Now, how about making such a case for Google Glass?

Watch this video where Sergey Brin makes a case starting at 2:45
[ Note: I respect Sergey Brin for all the awesome work so these comments are only based on a particular storytelling incident ]

Sergey explains that people keep looking at their smartphones while having conversations and it’s distracting and that’s one of the reasons behind the Google Glass project. You see, with Google Glass they don’t have to look down and get distracted.


Yes, you can get distracted without even looking somewhere else.

Making a case for the sake of making one won’t cut it, unfortunately.