Why you should celebrate noise in your life? 3 Reasons.

You might have heard about the need for “signal-to-noise” ratio in one of the fields you care about. Signals are what stand out. Signals bring out the value that matters. It is not uncommon for you to focus on the signal and in an extreme have a disdain for the noise surrounding the signals.

However, step back, stop and think for a minute on the (real) value of the noise. Here are three things to get you started

Reason #1: The existence of noise is what amplifies the signal

A signal cannot exist in a vacuum. The existence of noise is what creates the magic for the signal. Every time you encounter a noise, before you switch off completely, notice and smile about what that means to the signals that are surrounding that noise.

To be less extract – here is an example: When you meet someone that tries to take advantage of you, rather than instantly developing contempt for that person, think of those life long friends who look out for you. Focus the attention away from the encounter and instead celebrate the existence of those friends that make your life more meaningful.

Reason #2: The noise teaches you what not to do

When you encounter noise, it might dampen your spirits a bit, but don’t let that move so far away that you miss the lesson that noise has to teach you about life.

Every kind of noise around the signals teaches you what not do or how not to be. It is as important as knowing what to do and how to be.

Forget the noise but don’t forget the lessons that come¬†with the noise.

Reason #3: Noise is what it is. Learn to accept it.

There is light and there is darkness. You might not like darkness but you can’t make that go away. In most cases, you can’t escape from noise and unless you start accepting it, it won’t stop bothering you. The faster you can come to terms with the permeance of noise in life and in business, the more you can be at peace with it.

Celebrate noise. It has more value than what you might be assigning it.