I am busy right now…

It’s a common thought that occurs to most of us

I am busy right now…

You are no exception to this, I am sure. The one big reason this happens is that you have taken on more than you can chew because at a 30,000 foot level, everything is somehow do-able and you think you can figure this out.

You might be one of those people who have mastered the elements of leverage and are a master juggler and the king-or-queen-of-multitasking. Hats off to you. Deep in your heart you know that it’s not sustainable.

The real problem

The real problem that I want to bring to your notice is this. When you are super busy, there is a BIG risk that you forget to notice your true calling. Rarely will you know what your true calling is when you are very young. As you grow and interact with the world, one day (all of a sudden, as they say) a light bulb comes up and you discover your calling. However, if you are super-busy, your calling becomes one of those hundred things that will pass by your desk and disappears into thin air.

The solution

Always keep yourself some time to observe analyze, reflect and digest on what’s happening around you. It could be as simple as meeting with yourself once a week or creating “to think” lists along with your “to do” lists. Whatever is your vehicle to do this, it is your choice but make it a point to start that habit. Otherwise, when your true calling calls you, it might get a busy signal.