Change your words to change your world…

Imagine these scenarios and may be you can relate to some of them.

Scenario #1:

Jill is wearing a new dress
Jill: Hey Jack, how do I look in this new dress?
Jack: Why, you look just great…
Jill: mean to say I don’t look great in other dresses?


Scenario #2:

Jill is wearing a blue dress.
Jill: I think this blue dress is lovely. What do you think?
Jack: It looks great on you, Jack
Jill: Hmm.. you mean the other colors won’t suit me..

Busted again.

Scenario #3:

Jill is wearing a green dress.
Jill: Do you think I look thinner in this green dress?
Jack: I don’t think so.
Jill: Are you saying I am fat?

Busted once again.


This time, John gets some help from friends.

Scenario #4

Jill is wearing a black dress.
Jill: So, what do you think about this black dress?
Jack: Honey, you are making this black dress look like a million bucks just like the way you do for all other dresses.
Jill: Wow.. that’s so sweet, Jack.

Moral of the story:

It’s all in the words!!!!

PS: I have used an example to make a point ONLY. I have limited expertise on the topic covered in the scenarios.

Photo Courtesy: David Panevin on Flickr