Announcing CEREBRATE #4 – Nominations welcome

The time has come to announce the next CEREBRATE event – CEREBRATE Silicon Valley #4

Kavitha (founder of MySizeFinder and my wife) I organized three CEREBRATE events in Silicon Valley (CEREBRATE #1 in July 2010, CEREBRATE #2 in January 2011, CEREBRATE #3 took place in July 2011).

All three events were memorable and rather than trying to describe it here, you can read what a few participants shared in their blog posts.

Here are some links related to the earlier CEREBRATE events:

1. Post-CEREBRATE blog post by Karen Kang (CEREBRATE #1)

2. Post-CEREBRATE blog post by Darius Miranda (CEREBRATE #2)

3. Post-CEREBRATE blog post by Melinda Hinson Neely (CEREBRATE #3)

4. Post-CEREBRATE blog post by Tim Tosta (CEREBRATE #3)

4. A few photos on Flickr (from Maya Bisineer of ThinkMaya)

5. More photos from Flickr with tag #CEREBRATESV

The time has come for the next one. This is going to take place at the same location as last time – Mount Madonna in the Bay Area. The dates are Feb 10 – Feb 12, 2012.

The past CEREBRATE attendees have already nominated a few and they are being confirmed now. Of course, we are very well aware that more people ( that we don’t know ) should be invited and will contribute and benefit from the event. It may be you or someone that you respect. Please nominate them here:

Nominate for CEREBRATE Silicon Valley 2012 Feb Edition

We are looking for nominations from all fields – someone who has made meaningful contributions in the fields of arts, crafts, non-profits, business, technology, literature – actually any field for that matter.

The participants will all benefit and most definitely will leave the event with even more capacity to make a bigger difference.

The Fine Print: We will restrict the attendance to around 15 or so. This means that we have about eight spots left to fill. There will be a cost to attend but from the past experience, but the amount won’t be something that will stop anyone from attending the event as some of the sponsors may cover a part of the costs associated with running the event.

Last, but not the least, special thanks to our friend Kiruba Shankar for starting the CEREBRATE movement.