Mini Saga #121 – New Year Card

Happy New Year

Mini Saga #121 – New Year Card

Joe looked at the new years cards that Derek had received. In a teasing mood, he asked Derek, “How come there’s no card from Bill?” Derek smiled, “I know I can’t count on Bill to send a card. Unlike many who sent cards, he is there when I need him”

Not all the people who seem to do things that count really count. In the same way, not all people who don’t seem to do things that count should be written off. If you are disciplined enough to send a new year AND care, please do both. Remember that sending a card is optional but truly caring is not.


1. A mini saga is a story told in exactly 50 words. Not 49 or 51 but exactly 50.

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4. Photo courtesy: doug88888 on Flickr