When the value of a diamond is zero

Question: When do you think the value of a diamond will be zero?

Answer: When the person having the diamond does not know what a diamond is.

Let’s think about it. Imagine a person who has never heard of a diamond and does not what it is, how it looks and the value of it. He finds a diamond on the road and picks it up. It caught his attention because it was shining and nothing else. He brings it home and places it on the side table in-between toys that were there for decorative purposes.

What next?

Nothing. He forgets that there is a precious stone on the side table. One day the diamond goes missing. He looks for it for a few minutes. He can’t find it and after a while he gives up and in a few days he forgets about it. After all, how much time should he spend

Life goes on.

If the diamond had feelings or ego, he surely would have hurt both of them.

The real point

There is a diamond in each and every one of you. If you are spending time with a Boss that is not aware of that diamond, you are wasting your time. All that Boss can see is a piece of shining glass. The value he or she places is the value he or she would have placed on a shining piece of glass.

Now, hold on one second before you blame your Boss for everything. Knowing that you can rarely change how your Boss behaves, the responsibility lies with you to make your Boss aware of the diamond in you.

If and only if after you made all the attempts to raise the awareness AND fail, only then you should look at your plan B.

Good luck!

Photo Courtesy: surgeprotector24 on Flickr