Creating a social object – ZooZoo Characters!

If you are following Indian Premier League (IPL) you might have heard about ZooZoo characters. In fact, you might be looking forward to the commercials that are featuring them.

People young and old are fascinated by these cute little characters. Merchandise (Mugs, T-Shirts and Keychains to start with) are hot – showing the power of the brand.

Here is a collection of 25 ZooZoo ads.

If you observe closely, Rajiv Rao (National Creative Director at Ogilvy and Mather, creator of ZooZoo phenomenon) tells a great story in mere 30 seconds. For instance, in the first ad, different ZooZoos are waiting in line to make a photocopy of themselves on a photocopy machine. While you are enjoying the fun of watching the characters copy their egg shaped faces, there is a simple message highlighting a feature in Vodafone service – back up your phone book.

Every other ad has a similar story – each one taking you through a scenario outside of the mobile phone world and in the last three to five seconds, Rajiv connects them brilliantly to a feature on Vodafone service.

Tell a great story through your ads and you might create a social object that spreads through word of mouth. At some point, your ads (or social objects) may become more famous than your service 🙂 Well, Vodafone will take that happily I am sure.