Today We Are Rich – A sneak preview

Tim Sanders has been an inspiration for me for a long time. I still remember my first meeting with Tim at Yahoo! cafeteria when he was serving as the Chief Solutions Officer for the company.  That lunch was a turning point for me when it comes to Networking. In fact, there was no “Networking” for me after that – it was all about contributing and building relationships.

Tim has a new book today and it’s called “Today We Are Rich

Today We Are Rich is a gem of a book. Just the chapter alone on “Feed Your Mind Good Stuff” is worth the price of the book and more.
When I was an Engineering student, one of my teachers who used to teach us about computers told me about a term GIGO (Garbage-In-Garbage-Out) – referring to the way computers process things. He used to say that computers are not intelligent or not intelligent – they are indifferent. It is the human beings that can use computers intelligently to make the most out of them.
Our brains work almost in a similar fashion. You feed them good stuff and you get good results and you feed them bad stuff and you get bad results. The only difference – the time lag. Whether you feed good stuff or bad stuff, it takes a while to make an impact in your life. When it comes to computers, the effects and the impact are instantaneous. So it’s easy to notice and take the corrective action. In life, the time lag makes it hard. You feed bad stuff and get used to feeding bad stuff, you won’t have a short-term nega- tive impact but in the long run, you will be at a loss. The good part is – the opposite is also true. You feed good stuff and get used to it, you may notice very little in the short-term but in the long-run, you will start seeing a HUGE positive impact.

Tim has been generous enough to give this excerpt away for free. It is good stuff and it is your responsibility to feed it to your brain. You owe it to yourself.

Download Today We Are Rich Excerpt Here