Seasons – a Haiku from Sumukh

I had heard of Haikus but had never read one until Sumukh (my 12 year old son) had to write one for his class assignment. Being fond of mini sagas, I could relate to the power of a Haiku.

The time has come for Haikus and Mini Sagas and in a way Twitter has played a major role in bringing them back. Ardent Twitter fans will tell you how much they prefer short communications (even outside Twitter). Movements like five sentences, four sentences and three sentences urge people to write shorter emails.

Here is what Sumukh wrote for his class assignment


Flowers planted now
Flowers growing over time
Flowers harvested.

Water drying up
Because it is very hot
So much that you sweat.

Fall (Autumn)
Leaves falling off trees
Making a big mess on ground
I like the sound though

Now it is snowing
It is also very cold
Windshields freezing up

Sumukh has now inspired me to try to write a Haiku so one of these days I will attempt one. Meanwhile, if you have any feedback for him, kindly comment or send me an email.

Have a great day!

Photo Courtesy: Johan Leiden on Flickr