PRIVACYtweet: Interview with Lori Ruff

It’s been almost a year since Mitchell Levy and I launched our publishing company THINKaha. It’s still a little startup and there is so much more to learn. You can see the list of books published so far here:

We recently released #PRIVACYtweet by Lori Ruff. In this short interview Lori talks about her book and her experience writing for the THINKaha series.

Quick bio for Lori Ruff:

The LinkedIn Diva, Lori Ruff, is a globally recognized expert in LinkedIn and social media. One sassy, saucy business woman, Lori is a full-time speaker, trainer, and co-author of the Rock The World™ Book Series with her partner, The LinkedIn Rockstar, Mike O’Neil.

You can find Lori online at

And, here is the quick interview

RS: Please tell us about your book #PRIVACYtweet?

LR: Lots of people have talked about Internet privacy policies for years, ever since its inception. I’ve noted the increased concern about it with the rise of social media, particularly social networking sites.

A big part of privacy has more to do with common sense, respect for others, and personal responsibility yet we insist that the companies we do business do their part to protect our confidential information as well.

There has really been no one in the social media world who talks about privacy, yet it is one topic of which I am peppered with questions after every speaking engagement, no matter the topic of the presentation! I often have people who pull me aside to ask how being involved in social networking spaces will affect issues they don’t want made public, how they can keep their family live fenced off, or how they interact but draw a line in the sand they don’t want to cross.

There is really very little information out there about it, so, as The LinkedIn Diva who boldly proclaims that I have chosen to live my life out loud, I feel it is my responsibility to raise the flag for people to rally around and learn just how to walk in this bold new online world in a safe and deliberate way.

RS: Lori, what motivated you to consider writing a THINKaha book?

LR: To specifically write a THINKaha book, it was all about my conversation with Mitchell, the publisher. He saw the potential in all the topics we speak for being individual and targeted books in the series. And it’s brilliant! So often you buy a book because it has a piece that you need, but these are focused on one niche topic that provides insights to guide you on your personal journey of knowledge.

Everyone who is in social media is in it for their own reason. Many reasons may be the same, but they are all individual choices. So many people want to benefit from involvement in the new online world, but they have to make peace first with what they are willing to share and what they are not.

Writing about Privacy as a THINKaha book allowed me to get the information out quickly in a form that will allow the reader to both assimilate it quickly and keep it handy as a reference. And with the additional functionality of the iPhone app and the availability of the ebook, the options for people who want to get the information absolutely plays right into the space, allowing people to read it and to share it where and when they are.

RS: Please tell us about the process of writing a THINKaha book from beginning to end?

LR: Oh Boy. It has been the smoothest and most effortless writing project I’ve ever done. I say that not because of the effort it took me to write, but because of the support from the publisher, the production manager, the editorial team, the layout, right to the very last author’s proof and ordering copies to have on hand! The team at THINKaha explained the process, walked with me through the process, and told me what to expect at each turn. It was so easy to interact and get information back and forth, it was amazing. As simple to write and publish as they are to read.

So, the first step for me or any author is to complete the 6 Questions document at – I learned to keep that in front of me through the entire process as it was my guide for content and kept me on track literarily. I also realized on several points through the first round that I needed to make adjustments to it. I believe as I write the next promised books, I’ll have that completed more accurately from the get-go, but we’ll see.

I will say one thing and emphasize it. For those who have always wanted to write but have never had the opportunity, the THINKaha series and team is an incredible place to start! Download the 6 Questions, submit it and focus. You won’t regret it.