Mini Saga #67- Advantage

Not everything can be easily replicated… Mini Saga #67 – Advantage John and Bob were competing on the deal. John badly wanted to win. He got all the approvals to offer a price that couldn’t be beat. Unfortunately that price failed to win him that deal. John quickly learned that Bob’s 10-year-old relationship with buyer couldn’t… Continue reading

Is Getting Stuck a Bad Thing?

Is Getting Stuck a Bad Thing? Not always. My new blog post is now published on AMEX Open Forum. Please take a look and if you like the article, kindly share it with others via Twitter or Facebook OPEN Forum: 7 Kinds of Getting Stuck Please sign up for my newsletter here:

Mini Saga #66 – Attention

Attention is at a premium everywhere. You need to “earn” someone’s attention. Attempts to steal it from someone usually fails. Mini Saga #66 – Attention Jack was coming out of Bob’s office. He smilingly told John, “I stretched that five minute meeting to thirty minutes”. John smiled and walked into Bob’s office. Bob smiled and… Continue reading