The Fourth Move

Gary Vaynerchuk, in one of his recent talks mentioned how upset he was about business people that only think of TODAY. It gets worse when it comes to social media where everyone wants it now and in this instant.

I totally agree with Gary’s observation.

In a chess game, if you can only think of the current move, there is very little chance of winning. If you can think of the second move ahead of the time, you can easily win over people who are only thinking of the current move.

If you can think of the third move, you can probably win over people who are thinking of just the second move.

If you can think of the fourth move ahead of the time…

You get the point!

This is super important to think ahead in the game. You have to graduate from thinking one move ahead to thinking two moves ahead to thinking three moves…

Makes sense so far?

It can get better than that… if you can graduate your relationships to “lifetime relationships”

Why worry about three or four moves, if you can plot your journey together for the rest of your life. Why not think – “how can we both enhance each other’s capacity to make meaningful contributions for the rest of our lives…

Something to think about.

Photo Courtesy: scilit on Flickr