The 9 components of connecting well

Every human being is different and connecting with another human being will require some investment of time, energy, mindshare and of course, there is an opportunity cost always – you could be doing something else right.

Here are the nine components to consider:

1. Character: Connecting or not, a strong character forms the foundation on which trust can build. Without that, it will be a herculean effort to make headway.

2. Commonality: Identify the common elements between you and the other person and you have taken the first step to building rapport.

3. Curiosity: If you are not curious about who you are connecting with, you will talk rather than ask. And, nobody wants to listen all the time 🙂

4. Conversation: You have to start a conversation with the other person. Earlier it had to be via phone call or email. But today, you have a lot more avenues to begin a conversation.

5. Cost: Watch the cost for the other person to engage in the conversation. If you make it too high, you might have a n non-starter

6. Curation: Building connections is a lot of hard work. Rather than taking baby steps with a lot of people, you can “curate” first and make the right choices before making those investments.

7. Commitment: I continue to believe that there are only two kinds of relationships. One is long term and the other one is very long term. Very long term ones trump the long term relationships. Better yet, commit to lifetime relationships so that you don’t even get a funny idea to take advantage of the relationship.

8. Compassion: You are human and the other person is human too. Mistakes happen and what counts big time is the intentions behind the actions. Have the compassion to understand that the ups and downs of a relationship.

9. Caring: The real bonding happens when you authentically care for what the other person cares about. Not faking it but really caring for what the other person cares about. It is magical.

Three Bonus Elements

( If you have the time for more that is…)

1. Charisma: It’s hard to define it but everyone knows when they see someone who has it. It is one of those magical powers that has the ability to influence and persuade you.

2. Confidence: If you are not confident, you will start leaning more on others for support. Nobody wants to play the role of a “permanent crutch” in your life.

3. Clarity of Purpose: It is so important to have a clarity of purpose but it is a hard thing to do. But in case you are one of the special people who does have a clarity of purpose, you make it easy ( BIG TIME ) for the other person to engage with you.

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