Gatecrashing into someone’s heart…

Can you gatecrash into someone’s heart?

It can happen in movies, for sure.

In real life?

The chances for that are the same as the chances of winning a lottery. Possible but rarely practical.

Make a place in someone’s heart and the you change the relationship completely. Once someone allots a place for you in their heart, the way they look at you will change. The rules change. The criteria changes. Everything changes on how they deal with you for the rest of their lives. More than being a competitive advantage, it is that warmth and love that makes your own life special.

So, how do you do that?

First, there are no tips and tricks. Second, you have to remember that you can’t “buy” that space. There is no “real estate” for sale in someone’s heart.

That leaves us only one option – be someone that the other person feels it is worth creating that space in their heart. In other words, be someone that earns that space.

Since it would almost be arrogant to prescribe how to earn a place in someone’s heart, I would welcome you on a different journey to discover that approach.

Think about your own life and look at all the people who have a place in your heart. Make a list of them. Remove from this list all the people that are close to you via the circle of love ( e.g.: brother, sister, Mom, Dad etc.) You may finally end up with names of a dozen or so people ( or more, each person is different )

At this stage spend a minute with each name writing some keywords that highlight why this person has a place in your heart. When you have the keywords for all the people, you will most definitely notice some similarities with each one of them. It will rarely be about each person’s specific expertise.

As a last step, look at your own life and imagine someone is doing the same exercise with your name on the paper. Will they add those keywords that you most valued before you allotted a space in your heart?

You be the judge and start filling in the gap and watch the magic unfold.

Have a great day!

Photo Courtesy: lake sider on Flickr