Supermarket Drive-Thru

Talking about ideas, here is one for the super markets. This is from my eleven year old son Sumukh. Any feedback for him would be greatly appreciated.

I have pasted his email here in its entirety.

Hi Pappa,

Idea for Supermarket Drive-Thru

In this idea, I present an idea for a supermarket drive-thru. It is only allowed for less than ten items.

Following are the highlights of the drive-thru solution

  • First the user comes to the the sales person at the ordering window.
  • Asks for his/her item(s) and pays for it.
  • There will be helpers stationed at each section of the store.
  • The salesperson walkie-talkies the item(s) to the correct helpers. He can identify the correct helper as he/she will have a map of the store on the computer.
  • The correct helpers will come with the items to the pickup window.

This will be a quick and easier way to go shopping!!


Have a great week ahead!