Just this ONE time…

If you are having an off day, there is no need to broadcast it by sharing something mediocre.

The temptation to share is super-high because the barrier to entry in social media is super low. You think, you write and you hit publish and you are off to the races.  When you are in a pinch, you may feel like sharing something mediocre and justify to yourself that “just this one time it’s OK” to do that.

Honestly, if you have “already made it” you might still be able to get away with it.

But if you are a rising star, that “just one time” might hurt you badly.


Simply because:

1. Someone might just stumble on to your site and read just that one piece and decide never to come back again.

2. Someone who is just building a relationship with you and your work might decide it is not worth spending any more time

3. Someone might spread this message (with their comments) and instead of helping, it might hurt

4. Someone might alter their perception of “who you are” and “how much attention to pay” on your future work.

I can go on but in the social world, there is nothing like “just this ONE time” – you are always on the stage.

It is OK to have an off day. All of us have that. It is NOT OK to broadcast it to the world.