The Legs

Take a table with one leg. It is not very stable. You can push it a bit and topple it over. Now put another leg and the table becomes a bit more stable. Add two more legs and make all the four legs stronger and now you have a reasonably stable table. It’s hard to shake it and topple it.

Now think about your dream and the reason not to pursue it. If there is one reason, you can shake it off easily. Add more reasons (no money, no experience, no connections etc.) and then you have a stronger reason to NOT pursue your vision. Without our knowledge day in and day out, we keep adding more reasons to NOT pursue our vision and soon unconsciously we start believing that our dream and our life are different – the cards you have been handed just not make it easy to pursue your dream. It’s just fate.

So, what could you do?

Two things:

First, systematically remove the legs (reasons) for NOT pursuing your dreams. The more legs (reasons) you remove, easier it is to break the resistance (topple the table) to pursue the dream.

Second, use the same principle in the opposite fashion. Start finding legs (reasons) for pursuing your passion. The more legs (reasons) you find, the stronger the conviction (table) to pursue the dream. To start the journey, simply start finding a second reason to do anything important.

All the best.

Photo Courtesy: bbaunach at Flickr