Unseen AND Important

A few days ago I spent a day in Dubai. I was fascinated by many things there – especially the Palms – a township that was entirely constructed on reclaimed land inside the sea (almost a few kilometers from the shore)

On our way back, we stopped at the Marina and again, the skyline there was impressive. Here is a one picture to give you an idea.

Right next to where we were standing was a building that would become part of the skyline soon. It was a building in the making. The scene was of that of the foundation where people were busy building things that would soon become unseen but very important. I talked to the folks who were supervising and they mentioned that the foundation work would go on for months. You see, the “unseen and important” work happens over a long time to make the “seen and beautiful” happen.

It is the same case with anything “remarkable.” There is an “unseen and important” work that is mostly behind the scenes. The final outcome is what we all get to cherish.

The point here is that in the case above, it is easy to notice the “unseen and important” but in other cases such as when you see brilliant talent at display (writer, musician, public speaker) you might skip seeing this. For your own benefit, the more you can quickly see the “unseen and important” for anything remarkable, the more power you have.