Lighting the fire


Photo Courtesy: Laszlo-Photo on Flickr

Typically all it requires is to light the fire is striking a match against a match box.

What happens after that depends on many things.

At one extreme, you can create a forest fire within no time.

On the other extreme, you can just sit and watch until the matchstick burns down and throw whatever remains into the garbage can.

If you are lighting a fire to a cigarette, over a period of time, it will kill you.

If you are lighting a lamp, it will shed the darkness around you.

If you light a candle once, you might be able to create a ripple effect with that candle lighting a thousand other candles.

While it all seems simple, let us look at what is involved:

  1. You should have a burning desire to light the fire.
  2. You need the resources – a match stick and a match box. Or, at least two rocks.
  3. You should know how to light the fire.
  4. You should know where to light the fire.
  5. Lastly, you should take the action to light the fire.
  6. Honestly, the above was not the last step. The last step is whether you like it or not you need to face the consequences (positive or negative) of lighting that fire.

We still have more than 350 days in this year to light those fires.

Do you have the desire to light one and if yes, where are you going to do it?