Elevator pitch – You need it. Now!

I wrote a while ago, that you are always in a boxing game. People want to “box” you whether you want it or not. If that is happening anyway, why not do something to help them “box” you right – for example, creating a compelling elevator pitch for yourself?

Now you need it. More than ever. People have only a tiny bit of attention span for what you are saying. What they hear have to meet their “filtering criteria” to make them decide to give “more attention” to what you will say next.

As a first step, you can start with creating a six-word memoir for yourself. Since most of you may not be at an age where you write memoirs, imagine yourself sometime in the future and think about what your six-word memoir should be. Mine is here (after multiple attempts) and there is no guarantee that this will stay what it is. But the the journey to reach there was fulfilling in itself.

Everyone needs an elevator pitch. I was at a coffee store at Calistoga (north of San Francisco) and saw their elevator pitch right on their wall.


This year, make it a point to create an elevator pitch for yourself. As I said earlier, the process of creating one will provide you with rewards (knowing more about yourself) along the way.