My 2010 Social Media Manifesto

This is my social media approach for 2010. I am sure this will change over a period of time.

1. No short-term strategy: This has been my mantra since the time I started my blog (Feb 14, 2005.) However tempting the lure of short-term traffic, I will refrain from doing anything to simply get traffic to the blog.

2. Longevity of Content: 90% of my blog posts will have a long-term value. Yes, 10% of them will be announcements and such. In this regard, I will experiment with having an Editorial Calendar for the first time in five years.

3. Home Base: My blog Life Beyond Code will continue to be the main focus however tempting the other social networking sites are. My strategy for blogging is outlined in my book BLOGTASTIC! most of which I am giving away here:

Squidoo: Blogging Starter Checklist

4. Reach: I have no plans of joining any new social networks. [ So please don’t send requests from the social network that is the next best thing to sliced bread]

5. Comments: I will respond to as many comments as I can on my blog. I already know that I can’t respond to all comments. I will add more comments on other blogs than what I did in 2009.

6. Guest Blogging: I will continue to guest blog on the blogs [, Active Garage and Lateral Action] I signed up to guest blog. Exploring adding one more blog to the mix depending on the availability of time.

7. THINKaha books: More books to come out in the THINKaha series. Many o fthem are already planned so it’s a matter of executing on them well.

8. Connections: Will strive to meet my goal of connecting right people (# of the connections for 2010 is not finalized yet). My strategy on connecting outlined in the book Lasting Relationships (free, PDF, no registration required)

9. Speaking: Will focus on existing and new speaking commitments. Speaking topics to be expanded – currently they are on the drawing board. Some of my speaking topics are here.

10. Fiction: Will publish my first fiction work in English in 2010. The last fiction book (in Kannada language) I wrote was published in 1987

11. THINKsulting: I experimented with THINKsulting in 2009 and will get it going in 2010.

I am sure all of you have your own approach to social media in 2010. Whatever that is, I want to wish you success with it.